Interactive Experiences for your Party

Frequently asked questions

What is this?

Think of it as an escape room that comes to you! We bring props and game pieces into your home and facilitate a puzzle game for young players.

What should I expect when you arrive?

A typical breakdown of the event would be as follows.

  • We would show up about 30 minutes prior to the party and set up. When the attendees arrive our Host will keep them busy and away from the game area.
  • Once all have arrived the Host will take the kids to the game area where they will play along with the Game Master.
  • The game will last anywhere from 45 - 60 minutes.
  • Once they have succeeded (and they will), either the Host can provide a little more entertainment away from the game area OR this is a perfect time for cake and presents.
  • The Game Master will break down and remove the game pieces.

How long does it take?

From arrival to departure expect us to be with you somewhere between 60-90 minutes.

Is there a release form?

Yes. The form reads: "I, acknowledge that participation in the Immersive Story Experience titled, “Caravan of Wonders” (Event), like any activity, has the potential to be dangerous, and I hereby assume the risk of and responsibility of any person participating in the event. I also agree, that as part of the consideration of entering and participating in the event to indemnity, release and hold harmless Caravan Of Wonders, LLC and it’s officers, agents and volunteers from and against any and all loss, damage, injury, liability, and claims arising out of participation in the Event."

Who is this for?

Children ranging from age 7 to 12.

What's the maximum number of kids that can participate?

8 is the max. If you wish to add more you may for a slight fee.

Is there food?

No. Caravan of Wonders does not provide food or drink.

Is it scary?

No. Our brand is more focused on magical and mystical than dark and scary.

Is it appropriate for all ages?

Not quite. Our age range is from 7-12 primarly due to the inherent difficulty of the puzzles.

Does there need to be an adult?

Yes. Due to the nature of birhday parties and all the different potental needs of the kids, an adult with knowledge of each kids needs must be on hand during the game.

How far out do you service?

We service within a 30 mile radius of zip code 78748. Feel free to message us if you're not sure.

Can I only book on the weekends?

No. We take bookings every day of the week.

Can I book an event for a weekday?

Yes. As long as we have sufficent notice (typically a week before the event) we can host a game any weekday.

Do you do Office Parties or Corporate Team Building?

Yes. All corporate bookings and events are handled by our sister company, Secret Door. For more info you can contact them at