Hackcess Hints

Getting Started

How do I start?

Try clicking "You Have 1 New Message" on the Thank You Page.

I don't know how to move forward.

The hacker sent you an message with a question. Maybe try searching the internet for exactly what he's asking for?

I've entered what he's asking for. It's not working.

If you've tried "Ma Barker" and it's not working, maybe try using a different name she's known for.

Big Dew

I dont read russian.

Try translating the pages if you need help. Google Translate is a good resource for this type of thing. https://translate.google.com/

Can I see the hacker video again?


Ogle mail

I'm stuck. What should I do?

There was a message at the start of the game with an email address and a password. Try using those.

I'm stuck.

The Ogle box has a lot of information in it. Try sifting through the different tabs and see if anything fits together.

I'm still stuck.

The images folder seems to have information relating to Axis Group Banking. Have you found a link to the bank yet?

I've solved the location of the Heist but can't figure out the password.

There is another photo the agent took of what appears to be a work bench with guns. There some photos and a piece of paper on the wall. Maybe that will help?

My Email and Password didn't work.

Be sure you type it EXACTLY as it appears. They are case sensitive as well as any spaces.

I've done the math and it isn't working.

Double check to make sure you aren't missing anything. Sometimes people might mistake a "+" for an "&".

Source Code

Under "Bookmarks" the agent has saved some excellent resources for learning hacking skills.

What now?

The agent left a few links in his correspondence with the ABI. Try checking them out.

I forget, what am I looking for again?

Remember you are looking for a way to steal the heist money from the crooks.


I'm in the site but don't know what to do now.

Remember the hacker mentioned Source Code? Have you looked that up?

I know about Source Code but don't know what to do.

Didn't the hacker mention looking under a certain page to find the correct percentages of a certain type of account? Maybe try listening to his message again?

My credentials aren't working.

Pay attention to the error message you are receiving.

What should I look for in the Source Code?

Remember the hacker mentioned the type of account it is? Maybe try that?

Where do I get the Axis Authorization Code?

Often times authroization codes come from contacting the bank itself.

I still can't get my credentials to work.

Remember the agent mentiones the location the heist took place. It was probably in his Ogle Box.

Still can't find it in the Source Code.

In the Ogle Box there was "Tyler's Tech Tips". Take a look at that video, it may help you out.

I can't decipher the Authorization Code.

Maybe the code is a word and the numbers serve a purpose?

ABI Backend

I see the green type. What about it?

Some of those words seem more important than others. Maybe those are worth trying?

I'm stuck.

It seems like Officer McClain has a lot to due today. One of them might help you if you pay attention.

I've tried everything. What am I missing?

He needs to Call someone about evidence. Didn't I see some one on the phone in the surveillance cameras?

Hacker Test 2

What do I do now?

Try clicking on the three dots or the "X" to move forward.

I see the map but am stumped as to what the hacker wants me to do.

The hacker seems like a very specific guy. I'm sure that every word he types is important.

I'm still not seeing it

Maybe pay attention to any words that might seem out of place? They might be a clue.

What's the answer?

The hacker used the word, "Region" instead of "Reason". He also used words like, "Hella". These are indicative of California. The GPS coordinates match that of California, so he's originally from California.

Still stuck.

Those numbers seem to be coordinates. Maybe try and match them to the states on the map?


What do I do here?

This seems to be the files the ABI has on the gang and the heist. I would take a look around and see if there is any useful information.